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Dubai's exclusive Wrought Iron Design Studio

Dubai's exclusive wrought iron and steel fabrication design studio for unique palace and villa gates, railings, designer staircases, fencing, furniture, structural metal welding and public artwork projects

IRON GATES Dubai German art metal decorative gates and steel security door. Superior Iron & Steel gates by Sharjah wrought iron manufacturer. Exclusive architectural steel gate designs for magnificent Villa Gates and Italian automata for swing or sliding. Our SUMMIT Metal LLC Sharjah local associate factory manufactures unique wrought iron villa and palace gates custom designed to your own imagination.

Wrought Iron Palace Gate

Wrought Iron Palace Gate Dubai Sharjah UAE

Our steel palace gates can last for many decades in the Gulf's climate.
DUBAI Iron custom metal gates are designed for most royal palaces in upto 1 to 2 months on advance order. The iron palace gates in ferro battuto hot forged steel which is SUPERIOR to developer fitted cheap cast iron gates using scrap aluminum.

Ornamental Iron villa gates

Ornamental Iron Villa Gates, Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ornamental Iron Villa Gates hand crafted by Dubai Iron works for long life.
Our decorative metal gates are also fitted with very tough weatherproof polycarbonate protection which is bullet/shatter resistant and, with proprietary U.V. antifade properties, it assures these sheets keep their shapes and colors for a lengthy service free life span.

Steel Gate for small villa

Compact Villa Gates, UAE Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah

Classic compact gates series For small villa main gates or side entrances
Dubai Iron's economical upgrade packages convert your villa developer's cast-aluminum cheap doors and gates to high quality European design wrought steel forged iron gates after these complimentary upgrade package deals dump the developer's inferior handrails and other ironworks to the scrap dealers.

Ornamental Steel Gates

Dubai iron Hapsburg styled 'Vienna' Ornamental Steel Gate series

DUBAIIRON's "Vienna" series Ornamental Steel Gates in Hapsburg style
Dubai Iron locally manufactures the widest selection of ornamental steel and wrought iron gates designed in Dubai (UAE). The sturdy decorative steel gates and doors are hand forged by German trained blacksmiths, expert in classic European traditional designs und Schmiedeeisen technique.

IRON PRODUCTS German metal forge and welding fabricators, Iron & Steel ornamental metal by UAE's top Wrought Iron manufacturer for architectural steel products, iron furniture, steel beds, tables, chairs by UAE Wrought steel and welding works. Our SUMMIT Metal LLC SHARJAH partner factory manufactures wrought iron products, custom made to your own design.

Wrought Iron Stairs in UAE

Wrought Iron Stairs, UAE Abu Dhabi Sharjah Dubai

Classic staircase railing panels
An exquisite choice in winding staircases are available through global sourcing platform. Built to tight quality standards, these regal stairs are supplied with all fittings for rapid insertion by our metal installation experts.

Steel Security Doors

Steel Security Doors UAE Sharjah Dubai Abu Dhabi

Decorative Steel Security Door
Main entrance security steel doors in lacquered antique patina finish fabricated using 2K topcoat to defy the hot Sun, UV rays and harsh humid salty coastal environment near Dubai. These iron doors won't rot or fade and are also termite resistant.

Wrought Iron Beds, UAE

Wrought Iron Bed, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah

Wrought Iron Beds, Dubai
Ornamental iron beds are made at our modern steel fabrication unit in Sharjah which has state of art German machinery operated by expert blacksmiths who are artisan metalworkers, proud in their tradition of considering each unit as a rare art work.

Wrought Iron Chairs & Table

Wrought Iron Table & Chairs, Sharjah Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi

Wrought Iron Chairs and Table
Dubai Iron manufactures locally after sourcing the best components for iron furniture in the UAE. Dubai Iron ranks among UAE's superior steel furniture designers, and known for solid build quality for long life and lowest prices.

RAILINGS and FENCING Custom engineered interior railings, handrails and fences with superb UAE craftsmanship forged on German machines. The Designer Hand-Forged Iron railings from Dubai Iron Atelier are handcrafted with meticulous workmanship to quality designs in our Sharjah forge using traditional techniques to create individual wrought iron railings to make your villa look more beautiful, safer and increase its value.

Hot forged Iron Railings

Hot forged Wrought Iron Railing, UAE Abu Dhabi Sharjah Dubai

Romanov ornate balcony railing and fencing panels
Our wrought iron railing and steel fencing manufacturing facilities can readily supply the most intricate designs, precisely engineered to exacting specifications and finishes, at economical prices due to our ready toolings and skilled production artists.

French style iron railing

Classic french styled forged iron railing UAE Sharjah Dubai Abu Dhabi

Classic french styled forged iron fencing and railing panels
We specialise in the curved railings with heavier steel sections and the average size of steel bar used in our classic railing panels and fencing is usually 16xmm. square bar which we also offer with a specially embossed centre-groove for highlighting the gold or antique patina.

Scroll railing wood handrail

Ornate iron gilded scrolled railing with teakwood hand rail, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah

Ornate iron gilded scrolled railing with teakwood hand rail
We work mainly with heavy Round and special sizes of flat bar which we import exclusively for UAE. All these elements and our range of baroque and ornamental components, motifs and elements help us provide a ROYAL look to your villa or high-end construction project.

Royal Palaces Abu Dhabi

Exclusive hand forged black metal railing for Royal Palaces Abu Dhabi

Exclusive hand forged black metal railing for Royal Palaces Abu Dhabi
We are regularly working with the royal family projects for the UAE and with many of the VIP local clients who appreciate the fine craftsmanship of our hand-forged blackmetal range.